Cape Cod Astronomical Society

We're all about star gazing. Let's look at the Night Sky!

...probably not surprised anymore...

When you asked for "www.ccas.ws" you may have been expecting to see the "old CCAS website" with the gold on black print, rocket with payload, green box, etc.

Never fear. That site still exists.

As most of you now know, we are in the process of building a simpler and cleaner "front-end" to our website. When completed, this page and and its subpages will contain simple layouts for the items listed at left. Meanwhile, to get items you could formerly find at "www.ccas.ws", please click on the words below; NOTE: Please give the old page time to load.When fully up, it runs as of old. If you go to a subpage, a click on any "Home" button returns you to the NEW home page; use BACK on your browser to go back to the OLD home page.

"Old Website"

Small logo of CCAS

Small image of Cape Cod

Photo of the Werner Schmidt Observatory

Welcome to the Home of the Werner Schmidt Observatory

Logo of CCAS

We DO hope you can join us soon
at the WSO to learn about and enjoy the night sky!

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