The Cape Cod Astronomical Society meets at 7:30pm on the first Thursday of every month at the Dennis - Yarmouth High School Library on Station Ave. Yarmouth Massachusetts . Meetings are open to the public, membership $30 annually.

There are three new membership categories.The categories are: Free student memberships up through high school; $15 student memberships for college students; seasonal membership $15 for members on the Cape less than 6 months of the year.


-----------------------------------------CONTACT NUMBERS

President - Thomas Leach 508-237-9291
Vice President - Dr. Michael Hunter
Secretary - Charles Burke
Treasurer - Peter Kurtz
First Light - Peter Kurtz
WSO Director - Dr. Michael Hunter 508-385-9846


CCAS member and Astronaut Dan Burbank (right) speaking with John Dobson CCAS meeting Aug 2004. Dan was most recently at the ISS from Sept 4-21, 2006. Photo credit Jim Carlson


STAR Gazing Nights

Cape Cod Astronomical Society
National Astronomy Day

The Cape Cod Astronomical Society will be holding its first star gazing night of the season Saturday evening, April 26th from 8:30 to 10 PM in celebration of National Astronomy Day, weather permitting. National Astronomy Day gives astronomy-lovers a chance to share their telescopic passion with the astronomy-curious at the Werner Schmidt Observatory behind D-Y High School off Station Avenue.

This year’s date and time coincides with a dark moonless night which should add to the stargazing enjoyment and viewing of some spectacular shooting stars as the Lyrid meteor showers will be upon us that night! The naked eye is usually best for seeing shooting stars caused as earth, in its orbit, passes through remnants from the comet Thacher, discovered in 1861. Several quality telescopes will be available for viewing including the 16” main reflector. Come one, come all, families welcome!

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